Hello and welcome to Rappor

– formerly Cotswold Transport Planning.

As specialists in Infrastructure/Civil Engineering, Landscape Planning and Design, Water and Environmental Management, and Transport Planning, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that cater to all your engineering needs. Whether you are a small business, a local government authority, or a private developer, our expert team of consultants has the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

People. Partnership.

Our people and the partnerships we cultivate with all our stakeholders are at the core of our business. Our commitment to recognizing and supporting our team of talented, driven, and hardworking individuals, alongside our local and national partners, is the backbone of our success.

It’s no secret that businesses flourish when they invest in their people. We take this principle seriously and foster a working environment that allows our staff to reach their full potential. Whether offering flexible work arrangements or providing training and development opportunities, we’re dedicated to ensuring our people thrive.

We also recognize the value of solid relationships with our stakeholders. By collaborating closely with local and national partners, we are better equipped to navigate the constantly evolving commercial landscape and continue to deliver exceptional services to our customers.

For us, the connection between caring for our people and cultivating meaningful partnerships is a virtuous cycle that fuels our growth. By nurturing a supportive, dynamic, and engaging workplace, we empower people to exceed expectations and achieve their goals. This, in turn, helps us build long-term partnerships with our stakeholders and create value for everyone involved.

In short, our philosophy is simple: we invest in our people and build partnerships with our stakeholders, resulting in a dynamic and successful business that benefits everyone. We look forward to serving you and working together towards a bright future.