Landscape Planning and Design

Our team of landscape architects are highly experienced in designing beautifully crafted spaces for communities and ecosystems to thrive.

We take a landscape-led approach to sustainable development. This approach is holistic, ensuring that the natural environment is enhanced alongside the built environment.

The aim is always to create spaces that are engaging, that bring benefits to the wider community, that promote biodiversity and that contribute to a sustainable future.

From site appraisals, a broad range of assessment services, design development, landscape management plans and overseeing work on site, we put the scope into landscape.

Consulting throughout the UK and across sectors, we consider the constraints and opportunities of a site and use these to inform its capacity for potential development. We work to achieve the best fit for the site and seek opportunities for landscape repair to better integrate new development within the landscape.

Our core landscape planning and design services are detailed here.


  • Initial site appraisal to consider the potential for development from a landscape perspective and to support site promotion.
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Townscape and visual impact assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Planning appeals (production of evidence to expert witness services)
  • Green belt assessments
  • Design development concepts through to detailed design and specification of construction work, including overseeing works on site (RIBA work stages 2-6)
  • Landscape management plans and environmental enhancement strategies
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to supporting the development of masterplans, including streetscape and public open spaces