Water and Environmental Management

We help optimise water resources, mitigate pollution, and promote eco-friendly initiatives to support the well-being of communities the planet.

Our team has the the experience, technical mastery and legislative insight to produce practical water and environmental strategies that meet regulatory expectations.

We work to develop a client-based, director-led relationship emphasising adding value, innovation, and professionalism. It’s the best way to meet expectations, budgets, and timescales.

With a strong knowledge of all infrastructure and flood risk engineering elements from concept to completion, we can provide technical input to land acquisition, site promotion, master planning, outline and complete planning applications, and ultimately detailed design and technical approvals.

Our engineers and consultants come from industry and regulatory backgrounds and bring their experience to develop practical solutions that meet regulatory expectations.


  • Flood risk assessments
  • Surface water drainage strategies, including sustainable drainage
  • Pre-application engagement with statutory consultees and sewerage undertakers
  • Flood evacuation management plans
  • Flood consequence assessments (Wales)
  • Floodplain compensation design
  • Hydraulic flood modelling
  • Flood map challenges
  • Flood risk site appraisals
  • Constraints planning
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Planning appeals (production of evidence to expert witness services)
  • Private resident’s flood reports

Air quality

Clean air is essential in promoting healthy living, managing human welfare, and combatting climate change. Our experience, expertise, and understanding of air quality issues mean clients can breathe easier, confident that the outcomes will serve the local community’s best interests and the environment at large. Working with our colleagues in transportation and acoustics in the early stages of planning, we are faster to react to your needs, identifying data requirements at earlier stages and saving time and money throughout the planning process.


  • Screening and detailed air quality assessments
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Air quality neutral assessments
  • Air quality positive statements
  • Air quality monitoring surveys
  • Odour assessments
  • SCAIL assessments
  • Dust risk assessments
  • Permit applications
  • Ambient and indoor air quality monitoring
  • Detailed dispersion modelling with access to a suite of modelling software, including ADMS and GIS


Creating suitable acoustic spaces is at the heart of sustainability, reducing the potential for health and well-being impacts. Through our noise-assessment work, we advise good acoustic design to meet regulatory demands and contribute to developments where people want to live and work while avoiding, as far as practicable, impacts in the broader community.

Consulting throughout the UK and working with both public and private sector clients, we cover a wide range of acoustic assessments, from the planning stage, through detailed design to project completion, including residential developments; industrial and commercial developments; road traffic; healthcare; education; minerals and waste; energy (energy from waste, wind energy); and BREEAM.


  • Feasibility assessments (site suitability – ProPG)
  • Baseline noise and vibration monitoring
  • Construction noise and vibration monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Section 61 applications
  • Noise modelling – road, rail, industrial, windfarm
  • Noise impact assessments
  • Detailed design for building acoustics (schools, BREEAM)
  • Appeal inputs – expert witness
  • Environmental impact assessment work