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How far could we take you?

We’re incredibly proud of our work with early career professionals, giving them an understanding of infrastructure and environmental consultancy. Our student internships allow undergraduates to see behind the scenes in the property, development, and construction industry, giving them hands-on, career-specific experience. It’s not only the students who benefit – our team greatly enjoys the mentoring and coaching aspect of the program.

“Rappor was a great company to gain experience from as a university student – I was taught what the company does and how they help the wider community achieve tasks required in the planning process. Not only was I able to shadow employees, but I was also given the opportunity to complete a project of my own which gave a true insight into what takes place day-to-day in the company. Moreover, the staff were a great help in supporting me with any questions or interests I had and encouraged me to pursue them even after I completed my experience. Not only did I learn about the role specific to my career interests, but I was also given the opportunity to talk with other departments to understand how the company operates.

Rappor is an excellent choice when considering work experience as you gain many more skills than expected, and staff makes you feel welcomed and increase confidence in your ability, which is invaluable.”

“I am currently on a work placement at Rappor and am thoroughly enjoying my time at the company. Having only recently started my placement; I have learned an incredible amount in such a short time.

The project I’m currently working on is the development of affordable housing in Gloucester. Rappor has been tasked to help acquire planning permission from Gloucester city council to start construction. Over the last few weeks, I have been preparing a Transport Statement; this is just the start of creating and setting up documents to send to the council to gain planning permission inevitabl. I have learned that gaining planning permission from a range of councils is much more detailed than I initially thought. The use of databases including TRICS and crash map also allows for great insight to be gained into traffic activity in all highway networks across the UK.”

“During my studies at the University of Gloucestershire, I undertook a work placement at Rappor as part of a university module. Based in their Cheltenham office, I was welcomed into their then-small team and felt incredibly at ease from the offset due to the tight-knit environment displayed.

Throughout my placement, I was exposed to a range of transport and development planning practices, and supported in developing my knowledge of the industry, including planning policy. This invaluable experience provided a vital springboard into the Transport Planning industry and has since led me to obtain a career in the sector immediately out of University.”


To apply for an internship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at careers@rappor.co.uk to find out details of the program and how to apply.