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Rappor was appointed as Travel Plan Coordinator for Hanborough Park, a development of 120 dwellings in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire.

Issues and solutions

The role of Travel Plan Coordinator involves managing the implementation of the development’s Travel Plan, including, but not limited to:

- Providing up-to-date travel information to residents in varied formats
- Ensuring all Travel Plan measures are implemented across the development
- Promoting sustainable travel events
- Providing personalised journey planning to residents
- Acting as a liaison between the developer, the residents and the council
- Undertaking surveys of residents to determine how the travel on a day-today basis
- Taking on board residents’ concerns and comments regarding sustainable travel


After providing sustainable travel information to residents, and training the on-site sales staff, a survey of residents travel habits was undertaken. This involved travelling door-to-door, asking residents how they undertaken regular journeys, and why they travel as they do. It is also important to gain an insight into residents concerns, and as such, respondents were encouraged to identify any issues they thought were in need of improvement, in terms of sustainable travel.

It was found that residents at Hanborough Park travelled sustainably for a large amount of recurring trips, partly due to the proximity of Hanborough Railway Station.