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Work on the New Office Building, Aztec West; Rappor were instructed to provide a range of services, including assisting with pre-application discussions, scoping and delivering masterplan and swept path analysis inputs in addition to a Transport Assessment and Framework Travel Plan to help with the development for three new ‘state of the art’ Grade A offices.

Issues and solutions

Aztec West is a large business park located off the A38 near junction 16 of the M5. The local highway network and strategic road network in this area is fairly constrained, Rappor therefore engaged thoroughly with South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) and Highways England (HE) in order to ensure that suitable assessments and solutions were provided.

SGC and HE highlighted the key issues of the constrained highway network and the need to provide robust assessment of the development and travel planning measures to reduce the impact of the development and encourage sustainable travel.

Rappor demonstrated that the development would not have an adverse impact on the highway network in real terms. Rappor provided a robust framework Travel Plan which included multiple measures which not only considered the application site but also the entire business park. It is considered that the implementation of this Travel Plan would provide an overall benefit and strongly encourages commuting by sustainable modes.


Rappor were able demonstrated, in transport terms, that the proposed development was suitable and would not have a detrimental impact on the highway network with Travel Plan measures which would provide an overall benefit to the area. This assisted in planning permission being granted.