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Blackbridge Community & Sports Hub, Podsmead, Gloucester

We are thrilled to announce that Rappor has been collaborating with FWP Ltd and SF Planning for the planning application of Podsmead’s highly anticipated Blackbridge Community & Sports Hub. This ambitious project, spearheaded by the Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society (CCBS), has recently received acceptance, and we couldn’t be more excited about its future prospects.

A Hub of Activity.

“The Blackbridge Community & Sports Hub have been driven by local people and local needs from the outset and forms part of a bigger regeneration plan for the Podsmead neighbourhood, which, despite possessing many positive qualities, has, according to government indices, been the most disadvantaged in Gloucestershire for at least a decade, including across health and wellbeing measures.”

Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefits Society – https://blackbridge.org.uk/blackbridge-community-and-sports-hub/


The proposed Blackbridge Community Sports Hub in Podsmead, Gloucester, is an exciting new development that aims to provide a range of much-needed community facilities centred around sports, exercise, youth activities, and other amenities.

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Such much-needed community facilities include housing changing rooms, a fitness studio and viewing areas, an all-weather pitch with floodlights, reprofiling of existing pitches, car parking, unique vehicular access, a play area, and landscaping.

The project promises to be a community-owned and community-driven facility, providing diverse sports and recreational activities, promoting health and wellbeing, and fostering a sense of belonging and engagement within the Podsmead community.


From the early stages of the project, Rappor’s Transport Planning team played a crucial role by conducting an Access Strategy Appraisal, Road Safety Audit, Masterplanning Advice, and Transport Statement. They adopted an evidence-based approach to trip generation, ensuring that the transportation aspects of the project were thoroughly evaluated. Independent traffic and parking surveys were conducted to gather accurate data, and a suitable scheme for off-site mitigation was designed to facilitate the access arrangements.

Rappor’s Infrastructure and Landscape teams also collaborated to design a fully integrated sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS). This system not only fulfilled the site’s drainage requirements but also enhanced the biodiversity and amenity value of the space. The SuDS system effectively controlled stormwater throughout the site by incorporating multiple basins and other sustainable drainage features.

The consolidated approach allowed the drainage and landscape strategy to seamlessly integrate with the community building, sports pitches, amenity space, and SuDS system, aligning with the aspirations of the local community and sports enthusiasts.

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The project has received planning consent with the assistance of the multi-disciplinary team at Rappor, who provided support in Transport Planning, Infrastructure, and Landscape to the project team from project conception, proactive pre-application discussions with the local highway authority (Gloucestershire County Council), public consultation, and consultancy support for the planning application.