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Rappor is now fully settled into Hereford and is working closely with Herefordshire Means Business.


Our team members, Jamie Mattock, Danielle Bailey, Rowena Cameron, and Eitel Mbanya Tchapdeu, had an exhilarating experience at the Herefordshire Means Business Ltd Awards, where Rappor hosted the remarkable Matt Teale on October 28th.

Now, Jamie and Danielle are gearing up for the highly anticipated Herefordshire Means Business Ltd Conference, meticulously organised by the talented Ollie Beale.

This event promises to be equally captivating, featuring esteemed speakers such as 

Brad Burton – the UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker

Gary Turner – the Founder of Xero UK

Marc Pugh – Former The Premier League Footballer for AFC Bournemouth, turned Nutritional Coach 

David Bates – Digital Transformational Specialist at Xero

Melissa Meakins – Head of Sales and Partnerships at Carma – Certified B Corp

and Soesen Edan – Certified Sound Therapist at Edan Sound

Additionally, attendees will be privileged to gain insights from Herefordshire’s distinguished business leaders: Jonathan Tyrrell, Sharon Baker, Audrey Clements, and Colita Dainton.

We eagerly look forward to another enriching networking experience, prepared to absorb the wisdom of some of the nation’s most accomplished individuals in their respective fields. Connecting with fellow professionals at this insightful event is a prospect we eagerly anticipate!

As proud sponsors of this year’s Herefordshire Means Business Conference Refreshments, we invite you to grab a drink before taking your seat, ensuring you enjoy abundant insightful thought-leadership tips and tricks.

For those needing to secure their tickets, visit https://lnkd.in/eRgCQKVR and use the code ‘RAPPOR‘ to receive a 10% discount!

Here’s to a day filled with knowledge and refreshment!